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The designing of plants and warehouses

During the development of project documentation for industrial enterprises, as well as related facilities (warehouses, shops, cabins) several things must be taken into account as well as design and technological features of each object which are taken separately. At first glance it may seem that all commercial buildings have a very simple and the same type of frame construction with a specific order of load-bearing columns.

You may be pushed by the idea that the design of the project documentation for building industrial designation may be assigned to any company and the sole criterion for the selection will be the cost of works.

But despite the apparent simplicity of the design concept for industrial buildings, warehouses, factories and logistics centers cannot be performed without the help of our professionals.

Later you will need to provide the documentation for the use of the objects being under construction. Such operations as installation of certain equipment (compressors, crane girders, machinery) will be agreed with you first of all. Being based on these data, our specialists will develop a project that’s meeting all technical requirements and carrying out the necessary coordination with the authorities in his statement.

If you need to build a warehouse in the short term it will be considered to use of light steel structures. Design of a small shop buildings, and warehouses involves the use of new technologies and the use of modern building materials. If you need to quickly build a small manufacturing or warehouse building, then as a building material, we will offer you a sandwich panel, which will greatly reduce your financial and time costs.

But regardless of the specific purpose of an industrial facility and used in their construction material, an integrated approach to the design documentation and our team is ready to provide you with this essential help.


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