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The design of the concert-theater complexes

Any technological and architectural design of theater complex has obvious differences from the civil engineering works. First of all the existence of such objects provide specialized facilities which are mostly basic, is the key.

During the construction of a cinema, disco or other entertainment center you need a professional help. Plot availability for construction and knowledge in administration in the management of the entertainment business can not guarantee that you will be able to choose the project on construction of a facility that would satisfy all your needs in the future.

Familiarity with the portfolio of completed projects and theater complexes, discos, cinemas and entertainment complexes for our company will prove our worthy. Our team will develop the documentation taking into account the architectural features of the future building, but it also decides complex problems of. Stage lighting, control systems, video equipment and the necessary control systems.

The individual development approach to a project on a particular building is presented in the work of our professionals. It will take into account many factors, including the possible deployment of mobile mechanical equipment and stage sets, in order to talk about the design of concert and theater complex. Such systems should not only be attractive to visitors from the outside, but also would have special effects inside buildings. Our company's specialists pay special attention to the acoustic possibilities of the future facilities, as well as the implementation of stage lighting in each particular case.

Our team pays attention to your details as the customer specification. Only with the right solution approach can achieve the desired result. Having defined the functional tasks under construction for your object, our team is ready to perform its implementation at the outstanding high level in the shortest time.

The designing of entertainment centers includes tasks such as introduction to the construction site of a primary documentation, concept development, preparation of necessary drawings and models, creation of a design project, and even in some cases the production of scenery.


See examples of our work under the design of the concert-theater complexes.

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