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Restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments

Restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments - this is quite a complicated process of production and restoration work. When their performance must strictly adhere to the design documentation and only in this case you can expect to receive the expected result.

Sometimes to build a new building is much easier than to restore an object that provides a certain historical and cultural interest. Accordingly to drafting the need to pay special attention to the order of those or other construction works and the possibility of renovation and consolidation of monuments.

Just minimal changes in the external facade of the building and it will lose its historical value.

In this regard, our team has developed a unique style in projects creation and documentation preparation and can offer the following services at the highest level:

  • Restoration;
  • Reconstruction of public buildings;
  • Reconstruction of architectural monuments;
  • The project of protection of monuments of history, culture and architecture;
  • The project of protection and conservation of historical and cultural monuments.

Our employees are ready to develop a project for capital construction of a building, architectural or historic if an object is destroyed. Our develop project documentation that is based on the remaining material. It will be explored to save the drawing, photography and video, all analyzed data, and on the basis of all this it will be elaborated with the design documentation.

If you are interested in restoration or reconstruction of public buildings, it is necessary to take into account the complexity of these works. You can instruct the reconstruction of public buildings, with the expectation of a positive result, only to our professionals. You just need to get acquainted with the portfolio of projects completed by our team, and you will be able to assess the capabilities of our staff and entrust them the most important work.

To restore the historical image of an object without an appropriate project, it is very difficult and in most cases but impossible. During restoration works it will be fully restored with the appearance of the course and increased quality indicators regarding use of the building and its functionality. In the reconstruction of public buildings it may change not only all the utilities, but supporting structures of the object. In this case, it will be difficult for you to manage without our team.


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