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Landscape designing and interior design development

Our employees have great experience in the designing and the interior development of many ways. And of course the landscape designing is also their part of job. Taking into consideration your requirements and modern views our team of experienced professionals is ready to bring into practice the most extraordinary and daring design projects. You are able to take an advantage of using of our company’s services in the landscape making area and other interior works.

A comprehensive approach to the implementation of interior designs and landscape projects will help you save not only financial resources but also your time. Our team will take into an account all your wishes and ideas to implement into reality an individual plan of your order during the concept development of your interior design or landscape project.

The designing and development of various areas of interior, landscape architecture and design - is a quite familiar and well-trodden work for our employees. We have great experience and quality assurance that are confirmed in the company portfolio. The work quality is the top priority while executing an order.

During the initial stage / pre-study research our specialists will get acquainted with information about your object and examine all functional features and only then will generate the desired package solution. The pre-study includes the study of economic and technical characteristics.

If you wish to get acquainted with the object model, taking into account the surrounding landscape and buildings, then you will get a developed computer model. It is mandatory to our employees to work out all the necessary architectural and artistic solutions of your object and you as a customer will be provided with floor-per-floor plans of your object (additional stylistic variety for premises is also available).

Our team will prepare all the necessary project documentation sections, being guided by the features of your building and the existing regulations. You will receive the necessary blueprints, drawings, architectural solutions and design data with a precise indication of the geometrical parameters.

Individual approach and creative solutions as well as high qualifications and the experienced specialists will ensure the implementation of your plans.

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