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Design of catering, restaurants, bars

If you want to open your own restaurant, cafe or any other catering service you will need not only to meet a common technology of cafe creating , bar, dining room or restaurant, but also to consider other details that have a significant impact on the conduct of the business.

Even the initial design phase of catering should be taken into account and such factors as the subsequent possibility of the equipment placing. And an ability to make maximum use of every inch of living space. Our professionals are ready to assist you in your endeavors of the restaurant business.

Contact us and get acquainted with the portfolio of completed projects of restaurants, bars and other catering companies. You can stay at some suitable for your particular project, and order our team to prepare the project documentation from a scratch. This naturally will consider all your suggestions and recommendations, and final approval from all needed authorities will be done.

When developing a catering project, whether it's a restaurant, cafe or dining room, our team takes into account some specific features of yours. The first project will be drafted in such a way that you as our customer and owner of this object will have no problems with the services of sanitary control. The work is based primarily on the preparation of various dishes, respectively, products - that constitutes the data facilities.

And all necessary prerequisites for the project catering development at any rate is the plant area. The refrigeration, meat processing shops and confectionaries. At the same time in each shop area should be zoned with distribution, preparation, harvesting and storage. Such institutions can not operate without the ventilation, heating and water. Our company may develop a project with great responsibility.

Will take into account not only the type of enterprise, its location, but the interior design of rooms and of course the future of the architectural appearance of the building. Through the project, created by our team for your institution will be a clear difference from classic ones.

Its originality and personality would be to attract new visitors and overall implementation of your business plan.


See examples of our work under the projects of catering, restaurants, bars.

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