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Complex designing of administrative and office buildings, business centers and banks

Construction of any office will require you, as a potential developer the presence of not only land but also the preparation of project documentation in relation to the object under construction. You have to understand that the design of administrative and office buildings, business centers, as well as banks suggests that the different specifics in this area.

First of all the future purpose of a building must be considered as well as the terrain must be also snapped. A lot of things are taken in account while doing it like a road junction or its future outlook, the density of the population living in a certain neighborhood of the city or district.

The experienced members of our company are ready to take on all matters during the project development documentation as well as making of agreements with all the necessary authorities. The efficiency calculation is also taken into account with the concept of functional purpose of the future facility.

You buy ready-to-go project for its further implementation after referring to the portfolio performed by our team. By the way our company involves many solutions (sometimes most unusual problems associated with the development of architectural and urban design solution) for you as a potential customer for the construction of office building, a business center or bank.

Our employees are ready to undertake a development of procedural booklet (pre-project proposal), and only after your approval, as an owner of the object under construction, this booklet is all of necessary approvals for the chain of command with an experienced team of professionals of our company.

After obtaining of all necessary approvals for the design our team starts the procedure of documentation development. A package of documents will be developed for you with the information of all construction works that will take place in the project implementation. Specifications, drafts, every constructional area will be taken into account. But this is not the final stage in the whole designing affairs because the supervision participation is strongly required in the office designing.

You as a client don’t have to find a solution in such affairs like present in the given specifics of the design of office buildings, as well as of all kinds of obstacles during negotiating issues. After all, there is a time-tested and well-coordinated team, which may perform all of the above they work with high responsibility, quickly and efficiently.


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