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Povstanyuk Michael G., born July 2, 1948 in Odessa.

In 1958 he enrolled in the children's art school and graduated in 1962.

In 1966 he entered the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute in the Faculty of Architecture, graduating with honors in 1971.

Since 1971, worked as an architect, senior architect and team leader in the design institute "Goshimproekt" (now "Stavropol Promstroyproject") in the town of Pyatigorsk.

Since 1974 I am a member of the Union of Architects of the USSR (now a member of the Union Arhitektrov Ukraine).

From 1974 to 1977, was at work abroad in Mongolia, where he worked as a consultant architect in the Head State Design Institute in Ulan Bator.

From 1977 to 1979 he worked as a team leader at the institute "Stavropolgrazhdanproekt in the town of Pyatigorsk.

Since 1979, worked as a junior and then senior researcher Nisa, the chief architect of the project and head of the architectural department NILEP (Research Laboratory of experimental design, residential and public buildings) in the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute.

Since 1986 worked as chief of the Bureau of perspective development of software "Stroygidravlika».

Since 1988, he worked as chief engineer and then director of the Creative architectural design studio "Odessarhproekt».

7 th April 1995 founded the firm "Archproject-MDM».

From 1996 he worked as director of the enterprise "Odesproektrestavratsiya».

Since 1997, worked as general director of firm "Archproject-MDM».

designed and helped build more than 350 facilities in Odessa, including such as:

  • - homes for Sabansky lane. (Marked by the diploma of degree 1 of the Union of Architects for the best project in 1996);
  • - reconstruction of the market Privoz (1 st prize, the disposal of the mayor of 01.25.1999, № 70-01R);
  • - reconstruction of architectural monuments with the add-storeys on the street. Lanzheronovskoy, 9 and 13;
  • - reconstruction of the monument with the superstructure floor on the street. Transfiguration, 32 (corner of ul. Deribasovskoy);
  • - facades and interiors of the Arab Cultural Center;
  • - the building of the restaurant "Red Lobster" on the street. Marazlievskoy, 1 / 1;
  • - reconstruction and restoration of the monument on the street. Gogol, 2, "Shah" of the palace (2 nd prize at the VIII International Exhibition "Construction and Architecture, 2001, Kyiv).

awarded a number of diplomas and certificates, including:

- letters of the Odessa Regional State Administration, the Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council, Aude. reg. National Union of Architects of Ukraine, State. Committee of Ukraine on construction and architecture;

- Diploma denkmal 2000 «European exhibition for the Conservation of Monuments and Urban Renewal" (Leipzig, Germany, 25.10.-28.10.2000 g.) - only a diploma, received a project organization in Ukraine and CIS countries.

The national image program "Leaders of the XXI century", was awarded an international diploma and a medal « Laureis of Fame» («Laurels of Glory"), Oxford, England, 12/08/2002 city.

In 2003, the Laureate of the municipal shares of the Odesa year "with the award of honorary badge« Crystal Pearl », Odessa, 09.12.2003.

decision of the Scientific Expert Council of the International image program "Leaders of the XXI century" was awarded a diploma and an honorary award Ukrainian competition « intelligence of the nation», Kiev, 21-22.01.2004 city.

For personal contribution to improving the national economy, the development of integration processes, was awarded the international award « Gold Mercury», Kiev, 25.06.2004 city.

decision of the Academic Council of the International Slavic University on 11.10.2004, the honorary title of professor of management and business.

Decision Europe Business Assembly (Assembly of European Business) for a personal contribution to the intellectual development of modern society awarded SOCRATES INTERNATIONAL AWARD (International Award of Socrates) and is included in the international register of outstanding personalities of the modern world, Kiev, 06/21/2005 city.

For services to humanity solution Europe Business Assembly (Assembly of European Business) was awarded INTERNATIONAL millennium AWARD (International Award "Award of the Millennium"), Kiev, 05.09.2005 city.

22 December 2005 was awarded the Order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Ravnoapostolskogo Grand Duke Vladimir third degree.

For personal contribution to the development of European integration Laureate of international awards « United Europe» (United Europe), England, Oxford, 16.03.2007.

decision of the Executive Committee of the Board of the Council of the Slavic peoples for their outstanding contribution to the development of Ukrainian society and national economy, the revival of spirituality and Slavic unity was awarded the title Knight of the total international awards « Slavic Honor, Valor, Glory», Kiev , 06.08.2007 city.

Following the national ratings of Ukraine in 2007 was awarded the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture and Construction Academy of Ukraine medal «Leader of the architectural and building complex of Ukraine» in the category «Winner of the National Programme Golden Capitel», Kiev, 2007.

For significant contributions to the industry awarded a diploma in the nomination «The leader of the national rating program Flagman Ukraine», Kiev, 2008.

for conscientious fruitful work, considerable personal contribution to the architecture of the city of Odessa was awarded the honorary distinction of the Odessa Mayor «Podyaka», Odessa, 01.07.2008.

Following «Rating of - 2009» Povstanyuk MG awarded a diploma of the winner in the nomination «Architect of the Year», Odessa, December 2009.