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Pyatsun Alexander

head of the studio company "ARCHPROJECT MDM"

graduated in 1975, the architectural faculty of the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute. After graduation he worked in the Designing Institute № 3 where he gained experience in designing industrial buildings, complexes (12 sites in the former Soviet Union and abroad). Working in project team of master plans and design institute of industrial cluster number 3 is the author of the conceptual decisions ordering scheme of building industrial area "Siltings in Odessa, was involved in developing the section" Industry "in the general plan of Odessa, developed by the Institute Giprograd Kiev.

From 1981 to 1991. worked as deputy chief of Architecture and Art Studio Odessa railway, and from 1990 to 1995. Chief Architect of the APM "Odessarhproekt" at the CA of the USSR.

In the period from 1995 to 1998. worked in the KP "Odessproektrestavratsiya" IAP "Old Odessa" and since 1998 and currently works as the chief creative workshop of "Archproject MDM".

over 30 years of work they had projected a large number of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Finland and Libya. Many of them are implemented: the Savings Bank in Izmail (built in 1992), 5-story apartment house on the street. Kuibyshev in Odessa (1994), houses for Sabansky lane., 2, and 4a in Odessa (1996), reconstruction of the cafe "Beach" (1997), the restaurant "Pago" in Arcadia (1998 ), the Bank Pivdenny "(1998), etc. Participated in the creative team for the reconstruction of the monument planning and architecture: the palace Brzozowski (Shah palace) on the street. Gogol, 2 in Odessa.

From 1975 to 1978 served on the committee for work with young architects at the Odessa organization of the Union of Architects of the USSR.

As part of the creative team was awarded the diploma of the first degree for the best project of the 1996 restoration of architectural monuments under the house on Sabansky lane., 2 in Odessa ".