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Recreation-Shopping center and Lunar park in the north of Primorskij Boulevard terrace, Odessa. City began new building construction in the middle of 1820th years – it was a stone ladder situated in the Boulevard in front off the sea where the old six-mid-flight zigzag wooden ladder used to be. This project of architect F.K.Boffo was recognized as structurally defensible. Status: draft, project.

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The seaside ladder was planned as a part of uniform architectural ensemble including semicircular area with two buildings and a monument of Richelieu in its center. Building period of the ladder was 1837 - 1841. A retaining wall (composition of big shell rock blocks and solid breeds) was used to strengthen its platform in 1820. Few terraces were built to prevent landslips. A Kindergarten (now known as «Lunar park») was established on the left side and in the middle of the ladder of the green terrace approximately in 1887. The draft provides an improvement of "Lunar park» with creation of quiet rest zones, exhibition of applied art, sculptures and monumental art, recreation platform, entertainment for children of all ages, a fountain with an arbor, a belvedere for an orchestra, a skating rink (with winter period), rest arbors for arbors, bridges, summer cafe and a grotto with quiet rest zones. A recreation-entertainment-trade center with underground parking being connected with passenger areas and entrances from Primorskaja Street is planned.