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A draft of Odessa free school-complex "ASTR" in 25 Fontanskaja Road, Odessa. The draft is made in modernist style on the educational basis of Valdorfskaja system. The architecture style represents a new approach of Valdorfskaja direction taking into consideration the geographical school location. The architecture contains elements featured with southern regions like a half-open amphitheater on the roof, open areas for gliders, flat roofs with consoles.

Status: draft.

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Valdorfskaja type of school is an education system based on respect to childhood. Its purpose - to develop natural abilities of each child and to strengthen faith in own powers which are necessary in adult life. Shtajnerovskaja type of school represents an independent self-governing educational organizations. School classes are done in a special way. Environmental conditions play a great role for a kid. Everything is considered there – color, form, quality, sound. Natural materials are used only. School desks, chairs, regiments are made of wood. Quiet and gentle colors of walls and curtains. Each class differs in color of walls and curtains. The Valdorfskaja education program is very popular in Europe and first gardens and schools in our country dates back to late 80s. Need in it has appeared because of parents' desire to get more educated in before- and after- birth period with children education sphere.