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Premium class cottage settlement which is located at 10th station of the Big fountain (Bolshoy Fontan) and 10 minutes from the Black Sea..

Object characteristics: closed secured territory, high quality of building, fresh air and a resort district.

The address: Dmitry Donskogo Street
Number of cottages: 26
Total cottage area: 328 - 650 sq.m.
Total land area: 600 - 1500 sq.m.
The object is in operation.

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Cottage Village Oasis is located on the 10th station of Big Fountain (Bolshoy Fontan) in Pollution free area of the city with green gardens and a 10-minute walk from the sea.

No noise, good environmental conditions give opportunity to experience the wonderful combination - a magnificent country house within the city boundaries. Peace and security in the cottage provides are provided by private 24h security service. High quality building materials and the latest technology have been used during the construction of houses.

Thermal efficiency brick, reinforced concrete frames are designed in a way to stand 8G earthquake, wooden windows by EURO PROFILE, natural roof tiles...

All these features will easily allow you to maintain climate in a house at any time of year. Cottage Village Oasis consists of 26 cottages designed in a single architectural style but with an individual approach to each of them. There are several types of villas ranging from 328 sq. m. to 650 sq. m. with different layouts and land pieces of a regular shape from 600 to 1500 sq. m. Developed area with all desires of a customer, like a double garage, a terrace, a barbecue area. Some projects provide pools.

Your friends or visitors will not have to leave their car outside looking for a place in parking lots nearby - the complex provides a guest parking for 25 cars. Buying a house in the Oasis you get a new life for yourself and your loved ones along with peace and confidence for the future of the children.