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What is going to be built in the Lunar Park?

A meeting of the Urban Council in the management of architecture and urbanism. Architect M. Povstanyuk presented the audience developed by "Archproject-MDM project leisure facilities and landscaping of the Lunar Park on the lower terrace of the northern Primorsky boulevard. Reconstruction of the park with the establishment there of an entertainment center., This former disco is planned to build 4F hotel. The main entrance to the park will be from the street. Seaside. Parking of transport - in the underground section of the park.

- Our project provides for maximum use of the old park territory - its planning of green space. We are striving for. revive the spirit of the old park, - assured the young architect, 1 00 years ago there was a kindergarten. Picking up old photos, we decided to give this old idea of rebirth.

Planned to build entertainment complex, which will be allocated space for the children's center with a playground in the park. Escalators will be installed. Go down to the park can be-and the cascade of stairs, paved with Seaside. Internal saturation of the building entertainment center also provides a spa, a wedding hall, banquet hall.

The underground part of the building will be arranged with a parking. In the green area will blend seamlessly fountain, ornamental bridges and grottoes. Odessa artists and sculptors will exhibit their works there. In tabloid slopes, where in pre-revolutionary Odessa restaurant was located, "the Society of waiters, will revive this fashionable haven of gourmets. This will extend the existing terrace, which will create a very interesting element of the park, not affecting the tabloid set. After all, the highest point of the hotel is located lower than 3 meters above the upper terrace of Primorsky boulevard. On the boulevard entertainment center you can see, only coming up to her fence. 

priority of our project - positioning of the landscape rather than buildings - says M. Povstanyuk. Here are just a node Teschin bridge architects "Archproject-MDM and remained neprorabotanmym.

most important part of the project is to strengthen the tabloid slopes. Transverse walls of the building, reinforced concrete parapet will also be elements of anti-strengthening Primorsky boulevard. The cost of the project, according to deputy city council Vyacheslav Kruk, "filled with pure business," 70 million UAH. Wherefore, town-planning council members expressed their wish to the customer - OOO MEDIA INVESTMENT-GROUP "," so that the proceeds from the operation of the planned hotel will make this entertainment center not only commercial but also social. The project is proposed to further develop the hotel.

Then gradsovetu was submitted preliminary design trade-hotel complex on the street. Lanzheronovskoy, 10. Two-storey dilapidated building in the heart of Odessa is part of the historical and architectural complex of the Palais-Royal. Historical-town planning justification, approved by the Office of Cultural Heritage Protection confirms the possibility of reconstruction of old buildings. At the site of the old, the structure will be built 4-storey house. The lower floors will take the restaurant to 48 seats, top - hotel rooms. Rehabilitation of the building, accompanied by the creation, its additional volume from the Palais-Royal. The structure includes a range of architectural monuments, so it must match the architectural image of the surrounding historic buildings. According to some members of the project gradsoveta PE "Stu-dio-C" represented "panel" architecture of the era of developed socialism. Architecture is a solution of the facade of the reconstructed building, of course, should match the style of surrounding buildings.

- We should see a scan of the facades of all houses of this site Lanzheronovskoy streets - from opera to street Catherine whole - have submitted to the lack of design sketches Acting Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban V. Kolokolnikov. Sooner or later, all the buildings on this segment will be reconstructed. In such a dilapidated state they are located in the center can not . W Part of the volume of the stairway, leaving the Palais-Royal, should be removed. This historic complex has its own line of building, and any new items will clash with the architectural composition, created by renowned architects of Odessa.

newspaper: Odessa Herald, 19/07/2008