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Lunar park reconstruction

In Lunar Park (the lower terrace of the Primorsky boulevard) plans to build 4-storey hotel with 60 rooms. The reconstruction project of the park was presented to the Planning Council meeting. As stated by the project author - architect Michael Povstanyuk - in fact, a new park, where best preserved historic features of the old. In particular, it will restore the building architect Protaskina (seafood restaurant), which before the Revolution Society was a restaurant waiter. Also planned to fully preserve the existing vegetation.

The park will be divided into several zones. The first is a public place, similar to the municipal park. The second zone is intended for children's recreation. According to the designer, in the XIX - early XX century in this place was very popular in kindergarten. Along the retaining wall is planned to place children's entertainment center (the building will also serve to strengthen the slopes). It is planned that there will be music in the park gazebo (literally - "beautiful view" (Italian) - situated in an elevated gazebaro or observation tower), open-air cafes, and fountains.

The hotel will be located on the former site of a disco. According to the architect, is a "deserted place, where the age of trees. " With the Primorsky Boulevard will be held on the escalator, which will help get to the park for people with disabilities. M. Povstanyuk stressed that building a hotel complex situated in such a way that "all see it is almost impossible. It will be seen locally. "One floor is given by a game system for children. In the basement of the building will accommodate parking. Under the existing road to the hotel and the park will be provided with transport fares technical Primorska Street. The distance from the tile roofs of buildings to Primorsky Boulevard - 3-3,6 meters. The length of the building - 150 meters, the length of the park - 220 meters. Of two hectares of green area will occupy 1.7 hectares.

Gradsoveta members approved the project, expressing some doubts about the hotel - in the opinion of architects, proposed building is too "functionally overloaded. This project is proposed to modify. Also present were concerned about the fact that after the reconstruction will be a par-profit projects and loss of function Lounges Odessa. "It was a question of improvement of the park, not really park a little, and objects - a lot, " - noted architect Vyacheslav Zirchuk.

"It is important that there could come to rest the common people, not just the tight purses", - said Vasily Counts. He also expressed the opinion that this place should become a pedestrian zone: "Throughout the world, to places no one arrives. Also, at the suggestion of the Odessa City Council deputy Vyacheslav Kruk, encouraged to study "social component" of the project. In particular, it was proposed to place in the park museum of Odessa or move there from the Vorontsov Palace, House of Creativity of Children.

Director of the firm-customer, Ltd. Media Investment Corpse, Andrei Tesakov promised to consider all suggestions and comments, in particular - about the social component. As the entrepreneur told ODaily, the estimated investment in the project - 50-70 million hryvnia. Period. payback - 5.10 years. With regard to the level of the hotel, then, in his words, this is the hotel "middle class".