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Appearance of Odessa - OUR WORK

 Odessa ... The city has been repeatedly devoted by works of poets and composers, she has inspired and fascinated, captivated and inspires ... Founded in 1794, it still never ceases to excite the imagination of a creative nature, as well as ordinary pilgrims who fell into her arms. Houses, streets, people-these are the basic components of a particular Odessa kalorita. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for spetsialistvo one of the leading architectural firms restovratsionnyh "Archproject-MDM is to determine the future shape of Odessa. 


Michael G., how did the company do the Archproject-MDM? 
Design work I have been doing for almost 40 years. After graduating with honors architectural faculty of the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute in 1971, I went to work for a destination in Pyatigorsk, where. Just a year later became a member of the Union of Architects, and after 2 years of continued work in their fields already in Mongolia. After the birth of sons, our family moved back to Odessa, a city with great potential and opportunities and I continued working.

Dmitry and Michael, my sons, almost repeated my way, having graduated from art school and the institution with distinction. And even when they were students at the 2-3 courses, began to involve them in practical work. And their first and my last, the object became home to Sabansky lane. This object I was drawing hands, but they are on the computer. After that, I went to administrative work, that is, became CEO, and they have become good architects, planners. Thus was born our firm. Now we employ 50 people with different skill levels, but mainly it is a family owned company.


than they are now engaged in the firm?
We are engaged and the new construction and renovation. We first began to engage in Odessa reconstruction - restoration of monuments. On our account more than 300 objects, among which the Hotel Mozart (opposite opera house), hotel Kontinin-Tal, "Shah's Palace, the Greek consulate. Now work harder, because the whole city is built for 20-30 years and it always had and still has its own unique flavor.


What foreign city you like most?
I liked the Davos (Switzerland), where every inch of well-groomed, well service level is very high. I was also struck by the central streets, which has no concept of parking. There, in the city center, is 6.5-storey car park, what we do for some reason can not. In Switzerland, everyone cherishes their workplace and work out his position .. In 1917 we were served with an idea that the cook can run the government. And now "cook", which has no order to the kitchen, trying to run their country. This applies not female, and psychology of people. And today is the greatest misfortune that concerns and architecture, too. After all, many people who are trying to teach, supervise, in fact, quite far from that, they are not professionals.

What flows, trends in architecture you stick in your work?
Now we live in troubled times. Exercise, trends in architecture, I just do not see. Is a separate search for individual architects. To build something, but it's not the direction, not a doctrine - it's just an object. That is, if earlier it was possible to rococo, classical, baroque Stalinist architecture, but now this close and not. We also do not have some sort of direction or exercise, we're just looking. Something for which we undertake - is large, complex objects.

If we take the "Shah" a palace, it is not just a restoration, a complete overhaul with the superstructure floors, with the excavation of the underground floors, with a storage device for the bank, and a fence around the palace has never been.


Michael G., who is an example for you to follow?
People who have received world-wide fame, among them Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Miss Van de Rohe, Norman Foster (who Westminster Abbey, built a skyscraper «Swiss» (Cucumber)).


You have a lot of awards and certificates, please tell us a little about them.
The most important I think the Golden Ace. When we went to the awards ceremony and heard that the bronze and silver medalists become Kiev companies, we were pleasantly surprised that gold medalists call us. I believe that this is the professional award, because it handed the architects of the highest rank.

A most-most - the diploma of the first degree, which we got in Leipzig (Germany), the exhibition «DENKMAL 2000 (European exhibition for the Conservation of Monuments and Urban Renewal). We are the only teams from 17 countries of the former USSR, from Ukraine, mostly, there was Russia, Tajikistan, Belarus ... However, this victory is our in our city was not noticed that we were a little "hooked».


How do you feel about the recent scandals associated with the opening in Odessa sculpture in the center of a figure of Catherine II?
Monument to Catherine II had just returned to its historic place and it is normal and so it should be. It was Catherine II gave 50 thousand gold, which were the initial capital construction. And thanks to her and the military and our city was built. So, I think this is absolutely correct. I am not against a monument Ochakivtsiv. But this is a "reproduction" of the film in the history of this was not. The city should remember its founders, if not they probably would not have been, and Odessa.


How do you see the architectural future of the country and firm Archproject MDM as a whole?
I repeat myself and say that we live in difficult times and the architecture is going through the same hard time as and the whole country. There is some problem with the staff: very few good advisors. It so happened that my generation has largely left, and then turned out to be a huge cadre failure. Today's young generation just finished college and they still have absolutely no experience. We try to select graduates of the Architectural Institute, but to become a good specialist should be well and with great desire to learn. Without practical experience to teach the theory is not interesting, and want to make the impossible ... However, I believe that talented young people with her tenacity and desire to be able to express yourself and to implement its plans - we can help.