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Appearance of Odessa - OUR WORK


Odessa ... The city has been repeatedly devoted by works of poets and composers, she has inspired and fascinated, captivated and inspires ... Founded in 1794, it still never ceases to excite the imagination of a creative nature, as well as ordinary pilgrims who fell into her arms. Houses, streets, people-these are the basic components of a particular Odessa kalorita. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for spetsialistvo one of the leading architectural firms restovratsionnyh "Archproject-MDM is to determine the future shape of Odessa.


Lunar park reconstruction


In Lunar Park (the lower terrace of the Primorsky boulevard) plans to build 4-storey hotel with 60 rooms. The reconstruction project of the park was presented to the Planning Council meeting. As stated by the project author - architect Michael Povstanyuk - in fact, a new park, where best preserved historic features of the old. In particular, it will restore the building architect Protaskina (seafood restaurant), which before the Revolution Society was a restaurant waiter. Also planned to fully preserve the existing vegetation.


What is going to be built in the Lunar Park?


A meeting of the Urban Council in the management of architecture and urbanism. Architect M. Povstanyuk presented the audience developed by "Archproject-MDM project leisure facilities and landscaping of the Lunar Park on the lower terrace of the northern Primorsky boulevard. Reconstruction of the park with the establishment there of an entertainment center, this former disco is planned to build 4-storey hotel. The main entrance to the park will be from the street. Seaside.